Thursday, February 23, 2017

Cape Parrot Project Talk

Please join us on  Friday,  March  3rd at  9:30 for 10:00  at “The Edge” conference centre  for  a  presentation  by a member of the Cape Parrot Project.  We  all  know  that  a  great  amount  of work  has  been  done  to  save  this  endangered species,  and  Hogsback  can  proudly  associate  itself  with this  initiative.

You  may  be  aware  of  the  fact  that  thousands of yellow wood  and  other indigenous   trees  are  in  the  process  of  being  planted  on  a  site  opposite  “The Edge”  to  create  a  feeding  station  for  the Cape  Parrot.  As  committed  and  proudly  Hogsbackians  we  invite  you  to  plant a tree  following   the  presentation.  You  can  also  adopt a tree  and  ensure  its  wellbeing  each time you  have  one  of  those  wonderful   cappuccinos  or  berry  milkshakes at  “The Edge”.  After the presentation we  will  share  tea/coffee and  some  snacks.   Could  we  please  request  members  to  bring a  plate  of finger foods  or  cakes, so  that  we  can  enjoy each others company and some refreshments after we  have  completed  the physical part of our  morning.

Helen Fox mentioned  that  she  requires   the  following  trees   to  plant between the Yellow Woods.  Should you have any spare  seedlings on your property she would be extremely grateful  if  you could  donate  them  to  the project.

·      Cape Chestnut ·      Buchunout
·      Cheesewood ·      Virgillias
·      Rhus ·      Tarkanathus (camphor tree)
·      Buddleja  ·      Outeniqua yellowwood
·      Real yellowwood ·      White stinkwood
·      Wild Peach ·      Wild Olive
·      Tree fushia ·      Proteas

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday. Happy Gardening

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Look what is "Hidden Away " at Hogsback

"Hidden Away " garden is one of the gems of the Hogsback garden tours- a testament to what one can do with a sloping garden.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Hogsback Winter Wonderland

    A Hogsback Garden in August 2014 - this is the time of the year for a repeat performance !

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Beautiful Shades of Autumn

                                                The Hogsback Arboretum in Autumn

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Is this really Spring ?

The 2014 weather schedule needs to be updated ! Snow arrived after the first Azalea blooms at about 8.30pm on Thursday evening, the 28th August and continued until about 3pm on Friday bringing a flood of snow tourists for the weekend. Historically, Hogsback has had snow in every month of the year except February so always pack clothes for all seasons when you visit !