Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Dear Garden Club Members/Non Members

A very interesting morning was spent at the Siyabonga School in the Valley. The Head Master Mthunzi is really geared up and enthusiastic about the School. After many a letter and phone calls over 4 years, he finally got sponsors to renovate the school. We were amazed to see what the condition of the school was before the renovations.

The Department of Agricultural is assisting in getting a vegetable garden going. They have ploughed 95x8 metres of ground already and supplied compos etc.

The Garden Club’s aim is to donate fruit trees and seedlings. We also want to plant trees for shade as there are hardly any trees. Jane will contact a citrus farmer to donate orange trees.

What the garden club needs from you, is to donate money to enable us to buy trees that will grow in that area. We also want to buy more seedlings for the veggie garden. A work party, together with the children and parents will be held as soon as the Department got the ground ready for planting. The garden is well looked after and all the plants donated have been planted. For any donations, please contact Ansie on 082 800 8731, or a direct EFT will be appreciated.

We all had tea and eats together and a “before” slide show of the school was presented by Mr Mthunzi.

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