Thursday, May 4, 2017

Autumn Celebration: Little Timbers

 One of our open gardens during the Autumn Celebration is Little Timbers.  On Saturday the 13th of May, Professor Chris Cupido and Professor Don Grierson will be giving a talk about Little Timbers at 11 am, followed by a garden tour.

Little background to the garden

The garden came to be in 1933 when Hobart Houghton gave a section of the property to his son Desmond. Desmond and his new bride, Betty, started a unique garden based on her English heritage. As a couple they traveled extensively and brought back exotic plants from all different parts of the world. Later this was carried on by Prof Brian Rycroft and his wife Joan. Prof Rycroft was a past curator of Kirstenbosch and bought the property in 1988. In 1994 the property was owned by the McCullum – Allan family trust and further development continued with the planting of beech trees further up on the upper slopes of the property. 

Sadly a tornado severely damaged the property on 15 Dec 1998. Sometime after this the McCullum family left for Canada and the property became neglected. The present owners are Vincent and Lizzie Blackbeard who has revived this magnificent property to it’s former splendour!

How can you learn more and experience the magic of this garden?

To learn more about this amazing garden and participate in the guided tour, you can obtain a ticket for all the Autumn Open Gardens at the gate of any of the gardens. You will be "stamped" which will allow you entrance to all the other gardens as well. As the gardens will only be open during specific times (except for Mistlea), please make sure that you arrive at the designated times according to the programme. Little Timbers will be open between 11am and 1pm on Saterday the 13th. See you there!!!

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