Thursday, May 11, 2017

Concerts at Back of the Moon

On Saturday Afternoon (3pm-4pm) and Sunday morning (11h30am to 12h30 pm) you will be treated to a delightful array of different musical flavours by Christian Carver and his adorable wife, Mandy.  They will be bringing with them an array of musical instruments to sooth our autumn souls with some inspiring melancholic  and popular musical vibes.

The tickets are a steal at R100 per person and please book beforehand for the two shows with Norma 082 42147743.

A little bit about Christian:                                                

He was born in Rhodesia in 1959 and moved to SA as a young man.  After working as an assistant in a research chemistry lab, he enrolled at Rhodes University, where he met his future wife, Mandy.
Christian and Mandy joined Andrew Tracey's band and later got married.

Christian dropped out of Rhodes Univ. and decided to enrol in a four year course in auto-mechanics. He managed to obtain his certificate in only 2 years.

During the turbulent 1980's he was called up to do military service, and it was then that Christian decided to move to the UK. After 7 years in England, they realised that they were Africans at heart, and moved to Uganda, where Christian worked as a technician and repairman for a hospital, where he maintained medical vehicles, renovated a hydro-electric power scheme, developed medical equipment and maintained a spring – fed water system.

Shortly after Nelson Mandela was elected as president of SA., they returned to SA and Mandy was appointed as the music teacher at St Andrews, Grahamstown. Christian was hired by Andrew Tracey's wife, Heather as a workshop foreman at  African Musical Instruments (AMI) . AMI bought the company Power Marimbas, the oldest marimba making company in South Africa.

Christian re- engineered  the marimba design & is now working on streamlining the kalimba production.

Christian Carver is a  -     
  • the preserver of culture
  •  a tool maker,
  •  a visionary and more importantly,
  •   a renowned instrument making trainer.

He is director of  African Musical Instruments   ( AMI ) organisation, based in Grahamstown.

Earlier this year, he ran a workshop in Johannesburg, training people from all over Africa, in the art and craft of music instrument making & repair., especially in relation to indigenous instruments.
Participants had the opportunity to learn form established music instrument making companies in Johannesburg.

Mandy is currently working on her PhD, and we wish her all the best in the writing of her thesis.

These two people are you can imagine.... as the music that they conjure up!!!

Here is Christian showing Mark Holdaway a riff on the huge Akadinda, a traditional Ugandan marimba, at ILAM, the International Library of African Music, at Grahamstown, South Africa.

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