Monday, May 8, 2017

Autumn Celebration show Garden: The story of Hidden Away

Quinton and Jeanette's story:

"There was only a terraced jungle when we started the garden, covered in periwinkle, brambles and wattle. It took 4 years to clear by hacking and chopping and digging, to make a difference, and with lots of advice from the “fundi's” we have developed an Eden which we tend with love and sweat (no tears) and care. 

There were some mature Rhododendrons and azaleas in amongst the over growth and then we started planting, and we planted and planted to today, where we have colour and perfume from roses, clivias, and azaleas, and many other perennials by the hundreds. We have tried to have colour in all the seasons, and gardeners and non gardeners who visit, have enjoyed our labours. The Alpine phlox and peonies are breath-taking and the autumn colours are stunning.

Many Autumn trees throughout the garden, from Copper Beaches, Liquid Ambers, Snake Bark, Japanese and Chinese Maples, and Pin Oaks show off their colours to every one’s delight. Hogsback is truly a special place."

You can experience the autumn wonder of this unique garden on Saturday the 13th of May between 9 am and 11 am when Quinton will share how they turned a jungle into a colourful wonderland while Jeanette will treat you to her delightful tea fare! 

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