Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Spring Festival 2018

Our Spring Festival Celebration will take place from October 12th -October 14th this year, one week before the Bedford Festival.

You may have noticed that as Heritage Weekend is a long weekend, no accommodation can be found for Spring Festival visitors unless booked long in advance. Having the festival closer to the Bedford Festival also
allows Tour Operators to combine their tours especially if they travelfrom Gauteng, Free State or the Western Cape.

Our Garden Tours will start on the Heritage weekend September 21st, andend on October 14th.

The HGC has started to plan all their special activities already and as soon as we have our program ready, we will publish it on the various websites and of course on the HBT.

Prepare yourself for lots of fun and entertainment

Happy Gardening

Monika Hof
Hogsback Garden Club